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Level Two Accredited

G & K Electrical is accredited to install solar panels for grid connection interaction for residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Did you know that you could save money by simply upgrading your old meter to a new, efficient peak/off-peak digital meter?

As an accredited Level Two supplier for both Integral Energy and Energy Australia, G & K can install a new meter to restrict your heavy electrical usage services (like hot water systems) to only consume power during off-peak times. This means a big reduction in your bills!

We are also accredited in the following categories:

Category 1 - Disconnect & reconnect power supply at point of attachment up to 400 Amps.

Category 2 - Underground service lines from Energy Australia’s network to private pole or private main switchboard.

Category 3 - Overhead service lines from Energy Australia’s network to private pole or property.

Category 4 - Install all types of metering up to 100 Amps including three-phase electronic, single-phase electronic, off peak 1 & off peak 2 electronic metering and bi-directional metering for Grid Connect Solar applications.

So if you need a three-phase upgrade or installation, new single-phase or single phase upgrades and upgrades to switchboard and metering equipment, call us now on 0418 261 193 or use the Contact Us button below to send us a message.

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