• 13.12.2010

    Electrical industry welcomes strong safety switch regulations

  • Today, peak Australian electrical industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), welcomed a decision by the NSW Government to make the installation of safety switches mandatory in all business premises.

    The decision to make safety switches mandatory in business premises brings NSW regulations in line with other states and territories in Australia.

    NECA NSW Chief executive officer, Mr Lindsay Le Compte, said the decision was made after NECA made submissions on behalf of the electrical industry on requirements of any future national harmonisation of occupational health and safety legislation.

    "This decision picks up the proposed mandatory requirement for safety switches in business premises contained in the recently released draft of the national model Work Health and Safety regulations so it is pleasing to see the NSW Government acting early to adopt the current draft proposals", Mr Le Compte said.

    "The installation of safety switches will make business premises safer and this is the number one aim of occupational health and safety legislation. The electrical industry has known for years the benefits of installing safety switches and NECA has been leading the call for this common sense approach to be introduced in NSW."

    Making it compulsory for safety switches to be installed in business premises is only half the battle. While the government had acted to protect the interests of occupiers and employees at business premises, it should also be prepared to mandate additional electrical protection at residential premises.

    NECA has led the call for the NSW government to make it compulsory for residential premises to have safety switches installed and to also introduce periodic electrical inspections.