• Solar


    The use of solar panels is a growing trend among Australian home owners, with over 20,000 new residential solar panels installed throughout Australia during 2009.

    They work by transforming energy from the sun into electricity using photovoltaic cells.

    They are the ideal choice for city or major urban areas as they make no noise, have no moving parts and are usually installed out of the way on your roof.

    Although solar panels require a significant "upfront" investment, they require little maintenance and can be expected to last 20 years or more. What's more, the electricity they generate is free and clean. Any excess electricity can be fed back into the mains power grid or into a storage system like a battery bank.

    Rebates and assistance are available to help with the cost of installing solar power, including Solar Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which can save thousands on the cost of a new system.

  • Level 2 Services


    As an accredited Level Two supplier for both Integral Energy and Energy Australia, G & K can install a new meter to restrict your heavy electrical usage services (like hot water systems) to only consume power during off-peak times. This means a big reduction in your bills!

    We are also accredited in the following categories:

    Category 1 - Disconnect & reconnect power supply at point of attachment up to 400 Amps.

    Category 2 - Underground service lines from Energy Australia’s network to private pole or private main switchboard.

    Category 3 - Overhead service lines from Energy Australia’s network to private pole or property.

    Category 4 - Install all types of metering up to 100 Amps including three-phase electronic, single-phase electronic, off peak 1 & off peak 2 electronic metering and bi-directional metering for Grid Connect Solar applications.

  • Programmed Maintenance


    G & K Electrical provides a range of programmed maintenance services which can be tailored to meet your needs.

    Programmed Maintenance often includes services such as:

    •Testing and repair of Exit Lights and Emergency Lights
    • Testing of RCDs (safety Switches)
    • Electrical Switchboard Maintenance
    • Switchboard Thermographic Imaging
    • Fluroescent tube and light globe replacement
    • Testing and Tagging of plug-in appliances

  • Energy Saving


    Reduce your impact on the planet and save money!

    There is an increased demand from individuals and business owners alike for eco-friendly energy saving products and solutions that deliver excellent functionality while at the same time, remain environmentally friendly.

    At G & K Electrical we bring you the most practical and affordable solutions that effectively address the current electricity issues that we face in Australia. We pride ourselves on offering the latest technological solutions that reduce environmental impact in our communities. By using energy efficient luminaires, digital control systems and solar panels we can achieve cost savings as well as environmental conservation. Our manufacturers are at the forefront of global efficiency initiatives.

  • Inspection & Maintenance


    G & K Electrical can provide you with peace of mind through our Electrical Equipment Safety Inspections and maintenance. These site inspections and general maintenance create an opportunity for you to maintain production and minimise downtime.

    As an employer or self employed person you are responsible for ensuring the electrical equipment in your workplace is safe and regularly inspected and maintained. This electrical equipment inspection will help you comply with the legislative requirements by taking you through the steps of an alternative risk assessment approach for the inspection of electrical equipment used in the workplace.


    •A general inspection of equipment condition
    •Recommendations and or Actions
    •Report Safety issues
    •Indentify EcoSmart Energy savings


    •Exit and emergency lighting
    •Factory Machines

  • Renovation and restoration


    G & K Electrical specialise in electrical renovations and restorations. Experienced in a wide variety of projects means we are able to quickly assess your home or business for an electrical upgrade.

    As buildings age, their electrical systems age with them. Renovating those older systems add flexibility through modern wiring practices and increases safety.

    It's important that your home or business is wired to not only provide you with energy you need, but to prevent electrical shock and fire hazards.

    If you have power outlets that create sparks or don't work, it's definitely time to have your outlets checked or replaced. These types of sockets can not only become serious fire hazards but can damage electronics and appliances.

    Services Available;

    • Additional Power
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Safety Switches
    • Switchboard Additions
    • Outlet Replacement
    • Quality Wiring
    • Powersmart Upgrades
    • Installation of Lighting

  • New


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